4 Common misconceptions about virtualization

Small businesses can accomplish a lot by implementing virtualization in their office IT network. Unfortunately, many SMBs shy away from it because of various misconceptions. Here are four myths about virtualization you should stop believing. Myth #1 – Virtualization is too expensive for SMBs Many people assume that the more advanced an IT solution is, […]

Why Google now prioritizes mobile searches

Google recently made changes to its search tools to prioritize mobile searches over web searches. Why has Google done this and what does this mean for businesses and users? Get the answers by reading on. Google search works by using ‘bots.’ These bots are responsible for trawling through the web and sorting and categorizing websites […]

Ransomware holds Camp Verde Unified School District records hostage during back-to-school season

August 26th, 2019

Opportunity cost is a significant factor in a ransomware attack. Many businesses are making arrangements to account for the costs of recovery, but there is no way to avoid losses in productivity and revenue that inevitably occur during a ransomware attack. Therefore, businesses and organizations need to take every precaution to prevent a ransomware attack before it occurs.

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