Add Up Benefits with Managed IT Services for CPA Firms

Add Up Benefits with Managed IT Services for CPA Firms

Accountants have always tapped into technology to better serve their clients and execute their professional responsibilities. CPA firms were some of the first companies to embrace personal computers way back in the 1980s, and they constantly advanced software and apps — from Lotus to Excel and QuickBooks. This connection between tech and job roles makes managed IT services for CPA firms a perfect fit.

Here are three key challenges for IT in an accounting or CPA firm environment:

Data Security is Critical

There are few sectors where data security is more important than finance. Financial institutions and those dealing with such information are prime targets for cybercrime and the right managed IT services provider will emphasize essential cybersecurity solutions to protect your firm’s (and your customers’) data.

Efficiency & Productivity are King

Making sure your team gets the most out of every day and hour is a high priority. CPAs need technology that doesn’t just supplement their workflow and processes but also enhances it. This means seamless access to tools and data, devices that are running optimally, and easy collaboration tools are all essential to your everyday work.

Focus on Administration

Accounting relies heavily on documentation and administration. The right people need to have access to all the files and data they require to work efficiently, and all this information needs to be secure and correctly regulated. With hybrid and work-from-home employees here to stay, additional considerations for home networks and remote access also need to be considered.

A dedicated IT team addresses all those issues but is also an expense most accounting firms can’t justify. With cloud solutions and infrastructure holding center stage, CPAs need dependable IT professionals ready to help embrace the right solutions for their business and meet the unique challenges they face. Managed IT services for CPA firms account for these specifics while offering cost-effective solutions.

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Charting the Advantages of Managed IT Services for CPA Firms

Working with a managed services provider opens up several benefits for accounting firms. With managed IT, CPAs can tap into expertise on demand to address regulatory reporting and compliance issues. Such businesses can also save money by not paying the associated costs of building out an internal IT team. Predictable pricing also comes with outsourced IT management, as software needs, integration, maintenance, and support are all rolled up into one easy-to-budget monthly fee.

The right managed IT partner will also improve many of the aspects most critical for CPA firms as well.


It’s a simple fact that when it comes to cybercrime, small and mid-sized businesses are most often targeted, due to their typically smaller security budgets and lack of cutting-edge tools. Most CPA firms fall firmly within that range. But through an outsourced partner, accounting businesses can access new email protection solutions, deploy fully managed detection and response capabilities, and even implement simple fixes that can greatly augment their security profile.

Cloud Optimization

By embracing the cloud, CPA firms can add speed, flexibility, and user-experience benefits for their employees. With cloud migration, accounting businesses can forget the hardware concerns that come with maintaining on-prem elements, enjoy the ability to scale up capabilities easily, and enable new options in accessing and storing data. Best-in-class, enterprise-level cloud solutions are within reach for smaller businesses by capitalizing on the expertise and vendor connections that come with proven managed IT service providers.

Collaboration Tools

Whether it’s a complete VoIP system or using Microsoft Teams as an all-in-one tool, CPA firms are able to tap into cost-effective ways to add virtual meeting spaces, while maintaining in-person capabilities. The ability to meet with customers, when and where they need, is important for accountants to communicate concerns and results.

Support & Recovery

Accountants are trusted with key financial information by their clients. CPAs need to know that this data will be secure, and available even if the worst happens. Developing backup and disaster recovery plans is critical to most businesses, but can be hard to build from the ground up without the experience you’ll find with a managed IT provider.

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Arnet Assists with Managed IT Services for CPA Firms

Now is the time for CPA firms to explore options to expand and improve their IT infrastructure and functionality. Accounting is just one of many industries Arnet Technologies has helped with our expansive scope of services. Each receives custom service to empower their IT to work for them — not against them.

With Arnet, you get technical expertise, proven experience, and streamlined pricing plans that remove the mystery from your IT budget. However, businesses working with us also receive:

  • Dedicated, white-glove service
  • Ultra-responsiveness, with service tickets acknowledged in minutes
  • Customer Success Managers that act as your virtual CIO
  • Technology Lifecycle Management and Compliance support
  • Managed cybersecurity with MDR coverage 24/7

With managed IT services for CPA firms, accountants free up more time to focus on clients and spend less worrying about how their hardware and systems operate. Connect with our team today to learn how Arnet Technologies helps turn your technology into an asset.

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