8 Small-Business Benefits of Partnering with a Managed Services Provider

Remember the days before broadband internet, when small businesses had to make do with slow dial-up connections and network issues? Meanwhile, large enterprises surged ahead, thanks in part to their generously funded in-house IT department -- something that was far beyond the capabilities of the average small business. It’s no longer beyond their capabilities thanks to managed IT services.

Here are some benefits to partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP) can bring to your organization:

#1. Predictable Monthly Costs

Technology is expensive, especially when you’re implementing new server systems, high-end workstations, and the plethora of other equipment needed to run a business. Then there’s the chance of something going wrong, leaving you with costly repair bills. That’s not the case with managed services, which typically uses the subscription model for predictable monthly expenses.

#2. Minimal Upfront Investment

A new server or in-house data center costs thousands of dollars, not just upfront, but also every year in maintenance and upgrades. Powerful workstations and other gear don’t come cheap, either. Partnering with an MSP that offers cloud services will grant you access to a network comprised of all the latest and most advanced technology, but without any upfront investment in the hardware and software. All you need are internet-connected devices and broadband and you’re off and running.

#3. Improved Workforce Mobility

Being permanently strapped to a desk in a cubicle farm is becoming a thing of the past. Modern employees expect flexibility with regards to when, where, and how they work. Managed IT services allow you to build a virtual cloud workspace that travels with your team anywhere they go, regardless of the device they’re using. That’s a sure win for employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity!

#4. Enterprise-Grade Security

Cybersecurity and compliance should be at the very forefront of any technology strategy. Unfortunately, if you’re a small business relying on in-house IT alone, chances are you won’t be able to achieve the high security standards expected by your customers. Outsourcing security lets you hand it over to a team with expertise and access to the best technology in the industry.

#5. Limitless Scalability

For a growing business, there’s nothing worse than to lose new customers and new opportunities due to technological limitations -- such as not having enough software licenses or enough computers to accommodate them. The scalability of in-house systems can be severely limited for some small businesses, whereas the cloud offers the opportunity to scale up and down on demand.

#6. Expert Assistance

You’re trying to run your business while your employees are trying to do their jobs. So fiddling around with tedious technology issues is not going to be the best use of anyone’s time. Instead, you can outsource your technology challenges to experts who will make sure everything is taken care of so you don’t have to deal with any of it.

#7. Greater Efficiency

Anything that improves productivity and keeps employees engaged with their jobs is going to have a positive impact on your bottom line, but engagement and productivity are difficult when you are running inefficient and outdated systems. Cloud computing provides access to the latest technologies and allows you to use the services of super-efficient data centers instead of slow, old, and well-worn in-house ones.

#8. Proactive Maintenance

We talked previously about predictable monthly costs – but that’s not going to happen if you find yourself calling in a technician and pay for repairs and upgrades every time something goes wrong. With an MSP at your side, you’ll have access to 24/7 support and proactive maintenance where upgrades and repairs are handled for you and included in the monthly cost.

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