Los Angeles Police Department data breach compromises 20,000 potential officers’ personal information

Data breaches are a veritable PR nightmare for any company, and this is especially true when prized community members, like police officers, are victimized by the incident. Since this information can quickly make its way to the Dark Web, organizations can begin repairing the damage by verifying that this information isn’t being used to perpetuate further crimes.

Georgia Department of Public Safety takes all computer servers offline due to ransomware attack

This is the third ransomware attack on a Georgia-based government agency in the past month, costing precious public funds that could be spent on more beneficial projects. The pattern is certainly not restricted to Georgia, and organizations of every size and in every location should prioritize robust security awareness to address network vulnerabilities before an attack occurs.

Poshmark announces data breach of personal information

Research shows that customers are unlikely to return to a platform that compromises their personal data, making cybersecurity not just a technological issue but a bottom-line priority. Providing comprehensive care to those impacted by a breach allows companies to put their best foot forward toward restoring the customers’ confidence, and, hopefully, retaining their business.

Park DuValle Health Center pays $70,000 to restore networks after second ransomware attack

A ransomware attack is a costly ordeal with broad consequences that extend beyond the immediate expense of restoring system access. In this case, Park DuValle’s entire business was crippled, making the $70,000 ransom payment the least of their financial worries. It’s a reminder that having the tools necessary to respond to a ransomware attack is part of the cost of doing business in today’s digital environment.

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