Adironcack Health breach exposes 25,000 patients data

Small mistakes can have catastrophic consequences for personal data. In this case, brief access to a single email account provided hackers with just one document that compromised data integrity for thousands of people. While companies should take every measure possible to protect their data before a breach, understanding what happens to people’s information after it’s compromised is an important step in the recovery process.

Syracuse City School District services stopped after ransomware attack

The incident at Syracuse City School District illuminates a fierce debate about the most advantageous response to a ransomware attack. Many see paying the ransom as the fastest and most affordable way to recover crucial IT infrastructure. However, responding to ransom demands can incentivize bad behavior, making it more likely that these attacks will continue to wreak havoc on organizations and municipalities around the world.

Northwoods Inc. hacked through unauthorized email access

In today’s interconnected digital environment, small mistakes can have catastrophic consequences. In this case, a single email gave bad actors expansive access to people’s sensitive data. While Northwood is taking all the right steps to recover from the breach, companies that truly prioritize data security will take these actions before a breach occurs, which will not only help protect critical information, but it will save companies the incredible expense and reputational cost associated with a data breach..

Henry County, Georgia Government forced to take their network offline

A cyberattack that diminishes working capacity has serious repercussions for any organization. Not only is there often an incredible cost to restore normal business operations, but the unquantifiable opportunity and reputational cost can be even more damaging. Comparatively, cybersecurity services are a bargain, and they can help ensure that your organization isn’t brought offline by cybercriminals.

Town of Collierville attacked by ransomware cutting off 550 government employees

Ransomware attacks are a top cybersecurity threat for local governments, making a holistic response plan a must-have element to any government’s IT strategy. Fortunately, the Town of Collierville prepared for this scenario, which allowed them to avoid paying the ransom. Regardless, full recovery is still an arduous process, which means that any measures that can help prevent a ransomware attack should be a top priority for local governments looking to avoid being the next victim of a ransomware attack.

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