WMNF 88.5FM attacked by ransomware forces station to stop live broadcasts

Even without paying a ransom demand, recovering from a ransomware attack is extremely expensive. Therefore, every organization needs to take every precaution possible to prevent these attacks in the first place. This certainly includes analyzing IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities, but it should also mean attaining the services necessary to know if your employee’s credentials are for sale on the Dark Web where they can be used to facilitate a ransomware attack.

Hackers Demand Monroe College Pay $2,000,000 in Bitcoin Ransom to Release Encrypted Business Data

Monroe College is just the latest in a series of academic institutions impacted by a ransomware attack. These attacks significantly curtail their operations while costing precious funds that are earmarked for academics. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand potential vulnerabilities before such an attack occurs. Given the high expense of recovery, the slew of negative press, and the opportunity cost associated with a ransomware attack, the relatively affordable cost of examining network vulnerabilities and compromised credentials is a bargain.

Arlington County Government Employees Pay the Price for Payroll System Phishing Scam

In the wake of this attack, Arlington County is taking several steps to protect their infrastructure in the future, including updating their network’s ability to identify a phishing email before it reaches an employee’s inbox and providing training to employees to identity and delete phishing emails before they compromise the network’s integrity. These measures can significantly reduce the risk of a phishing scam, and every organization should implement these protocols as a precaution against not a response to a phishing scam.

La Porte County Government Servers Shut Down from Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks on government agencies and institutions are on the rise, making a response plan a must-have element of any cybersecurity initiative. La Porte officials demonstrated many benefits of these plans, including rapid response capabilities, clear communication channels, and proper insurance to reduce the expense of an attack. Of course, surveying your organization’s IT infrastructure should be a top priority as well, since it can prevent an attack before it occurs.

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