Phishing Attack on Third Party Company Exposes 1,000 Essentia Health Patients Data

Data breaches that expose people’s personal information can have devastating consequences for both the company and the victims. The most advantageous road to recovery starts with ensuring that victims have the support necessary to adequately recover from the incident. This includes identifying the cause and scope of a breach as well as providing the credit and identity monitoring services that offer rapid detection of data misuse.

Maryland Department of Labor Data Breach Exposes 78,000

The true price tag on a data breach can be deceptive, as recovery costs must be added to the opportunity cost of interrupted business processes and reputational damages. Organizations must be capable of knowing if personal information is accessed in an attack and need internal protocols to protect infrastructure and mitigate damage as much as possible.

ALTA Trade Association Breached in Phishing Attack Exposing Member Organizations Company Data

Phishing scams are unleashed with speed and precision, and they can quickly compromise your organization’s data. Fortunately, they are also entirely defensible with comprehensive awareness training. Knowing if your organization’s credentials are compromised before a data breach occurs can prevent a security incident before it harms your company and your customers.

Georgia Court System Hit by Ransomware

Ransomware attacks wreak havoc on an organization’s operational and financial integrity. To make matters worse, they are increasingly becoming more common and costly. Nevertheless, many ransomware attacks are delivered through phishing emails, which can be thwarted through organizational cybersecurity training for employees.

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