Broome County Security Breach Exposes Financial Medical Information

Phishing scams are quickly becoming normative for local governments and SMBs. In this case, a single phishing scam had cascading consequences for a local government, which is now tasked with repairing its technological infrastructure while undergoing the arduous process of restoring the constituents’ confidence in their data stewardship. Since phishing scams are entirely preventable, partnering with a third-party training solution is a veritable must-have in today’s digital environment

Nearly 12 Million Quest Diagnostics Patients Affected by Breach

Caring for customers in the wake of a data breach should be any company’s top priority. Although Quest Diagnostics is working diligently to notify those impacted by the breach, much more is required to adequately make reparations. Since sensitive personal information has a significant market on the Dark Web, providing services to help customers understand what happens to their data is an excellent place to start.

Flipboard Says Hackers Stole User Details

Data breach incident responses are becoming increasingly commonplace. Apologies, investigations, and updates are typical responses from organizations, but they don’t have to become the norm. Extensive breaches similar to Flipboard’s should encourage companies to prioritize their cybersecurity initiatives and avoid breaches from occurring in the first place.

City of Laredo Office Recovering from Ransomware

Ransomware attacks on local government and small businesses are on the rise, and everyone needs a response plan in place before an incident occurs. In this case, quick action prevented the virus from spreading deeper into the system, and the city’s ransomware insurance will help defer the costs of a breach. At the same time, many ransomware attacks are initiated by phishing scams, which means that every company should include training on cybersecurity best practices as a part of their ransomware preparedness plan.

People Inc. Suffers Data Breach

This incident underscores the importance of cybersecurity best practices in any organization. A simple oversight gave hackers access to a single account, which compromised the information of 1,000 people. Every organization needs to prioritize training and oversight as a cybersecurity must-have. This data breach, like many others, was entirely preventable, and no organization wants to bear the financial and reputational burden of an avoidable oversight.

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