Constant Threat: Improve Your Phishing Protection

Constant Threat: Improve Your Phishing Protection

Phishing protection is more essential than ever as the attack method remains the most prevalent tool in a hacker’s arsenal. Some estimates state that Google alone blocks around 100 million phishing emails every day. Many more find their way into business inboxes across the country.

What is phishing? It’s a scam where attackers send emails designed and structured to trick people into revealing financial information, system credentials, or other sensitive data. Attackers impersonate a reputable organization, or person, in order to mislead the unaware.

While email is the most common vehicle for phishing attacks, there are several other types that businesses should be aware of, such as Whaling (targeting high-profile victims like CEOs or CFOs), Vishing (a phishing attack done over the phone using a fake caller ID), or Smishing (a phishing attack through SMS messages).

Educational efforts have been effective in curtailing the effects of phishing attacks. When people know some of the common traits found in most types of phishing schemes they are better able to identify them and avoid them. Some organizations now even conduct internal testing to see if their employees can recognize phishing when they see it. Phishing, no matter the type, will often have discernible markers that make them easier to identify.

  • Asks for sensitive information
  • Contains links that don’t match the sending domain
  • Includes unsolicited attachments
  • Is generic, or not personalized
  • Has poor spelling and grammar
  • Tries to induce panic — “I need this NOW”

However, those efforts have not been enough to instill peace of mind in business owners. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 300,497 reports from victims of phishing in 2022. Business Email Compromise, a phishing variant, cost U.S. victims more than $2.7 billion last year alone. Research from Deloitte found that 91% of all cyberattacks begin with a phishing email to an unsuspecting victim. Further, 32% of all successful data breaches involved the use of phishing techniques.

Clearly, more support for phishing protection is needed.

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Get Greater Phishing Protection with Graphus

Graphus is an automated email security platform that provides an additional security layer, and one that integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and scan incoming emails, providing phishing protection that doesn’t rely on users knowing the signs of a phony message from a hacker.

How It Works

Graphus uses AI to create trusted profiles based on how employees communicate with business contacts. It then seeks out irregularities, compared to the trusted profiles, in message content and attachments. With no hardware components or software to download, Graphus depends on three pillars to safeguard your inbox.

TrustGraph® — This is the patented AI technology that analyzes both historical and real-time communication patterns between people, devices, and networks. It automatically detects and quarantines malicious emails by pulling them out of all infected inboxes — even Zero-Day attacks it hasn’t encountered before.

Employee Shield® — This alert places an interactive warning banner at the top of the email that allows users to quarantine — or mark the message as safe — with a single click.

Phish911(™) — While Employee Shield is the active alert, Phish911 allows employees to proactively quarantine and report suspicious and unwanted emails for IT or admin to investigate further.

Improved Phishing Protection

Quick and Easy Installation — With a streamlined configuration process, protection can start in minutes with cloud API integration.

No Email Delay — Because messages are analyzed in real-time, there is no delay in delivery to your inbox. Safe messages are never quarantined.

Detects Zero-Day Attacks — Unlike a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) that relies on proven bad URLs to filter out potential attacks, the TrustGraph algorithm processes and detects potential new attacks based on real-time data collection.

Automated Defense — Graphus integrates at the API level to detect social engineering attacks, automatically, based on historical data and trusted profiles.

Visual Alerts — Impossible-to-miss warnings make identifying phishing attacks easier for every employee, and give them an immediate action point to handle them.

Block BEC: Business email compromise relies on social-engineering attacks that sidestep typical endpoint solutions for email security. We cover it all here.

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