Implementing a multi-cloud strategy with VMware

As one of the world’s first commercially successful companies in cloud- and platform-based virtualization, VMware’s desktop- and server-side software is one of the most important tools in many cloud migration strategies. Without getting bogged down in complicated technicalities, it allows organizations to create fully software-defined computing infrastructures for greater efficiency, scalability, and accessibility.

What are the benefits of adopting a multi-cloud strategy?

While businesses are trying to simplify end-user experiences and make computing resources more accessible to non-technical audiences, the underlying complexities aren’t getting any easier. Today’s enterprise computing environment typically makes use of a dizzyingly complex array of different applications hosted across a mix of on-premises and cloud-hosted systems. Adopting a multi-cloud strategy is largely about bringing everything together under a single unified operating environment that’s easy to manage, scale, and restore after an unexpected disaster. Here’s an overview of the key benefits that such an approach offers:

  • Big savings – Consolidating more computing workloads on fewer physical machines boosts efficiency and reduces operating costs. In other words, less hardware means fewer technology assets to buy, maintain, and upgrade.
  • Risk mitigation – Last year, a massive outage affecting Amazon Web Services (AWS) brought one of the largest cloud providers in the world to its knees and wreaked havoc for millions of business users. Working with multiple cloud vendors, such as Microsoft, Google, or Amazon, provides much better risk mitigation and allows you to avoid having a single point of failure.
  • Improved security – It’s often difficult to meet your compliance and cybersecurity obligations if you rely entirely on a single cloud provider. A multi-cloud strategy gives you better control over data by allowing you to work with multiple vendors.
  • Optimized performance – There’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to maximizing ease of use, performance, and resiliency. A multi-cloud strategy allows you to map the specific requirements of your organization to the most suitable providers.

When it comes to implementing a digital transformation strategy that works, it’s vital that you take every possible measure to align IT with the specific needs of your organization. Oftentimes, a multi-cloud strategy is the only way to do that.

How VMware helps support a multi-cloud infrastructure
For the past 20 years, VMware has retained its position as an industry leader in cloud solutions that empower organizations with all the benefits of having a multi-cloud IT strategy. By allowing users to tap into multiple cloud providers and enjoy the benefits of each without the drawbacks, businesses can now maintain complete control of the growth of their cloud migrations.

VMware helps IT administrators set up and manage hybrid cloud deployments. It provides many important features, including automated deployments, infrastructure planning, and intelligent analytics. It also allows you to set governance-based policies to ensure compliance and performance. VMware’s automation even allows administrators to manage and scale software-defined data centers from a central console.

With VMware at your disposal, your business can build an entirely software-defined computing infrastructure that has minimal dependence on the underlying hardware. This means you can effortlessly scale, migrate, and adapt your IT to suit the evolving needs of your business. Whether you’re building upon the capabilities of an existing on-premises infrastructure or moving certain resources from one cloud provider to another, VMware has you covered.

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