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How do I create an effective Facebook ad?

Facebook has uses that go way beyond posting cat photos, complaining about restaurants, or stalking your ex — it’s also an incredibly effective advertising platform. From small businesses to big corporations, anyone can benefit from Facebook’s marketing tools. Read on to leverage Facebook to your advantage. Why advertise on Facebook? Above all else, the cost-effectiveness […]

Virtual office tools for an efficient business process

There has been a marked increase in the use of virtualization and other virtual services, because it has become apparent that they help businesses maximize their resources. With an ever-evolving and tightly competitive business landscape, business owners are always compelled to seek solutions that will help them get a step ahead of the competition.

New Windows operating system is on its way

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new, lightweight version of Windows. The operating system (OS), currently known as “Windows Lite,” is said to be Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS. There are still plenty of unanswered questions about the OS, but here’s what we know so far. What is Windows Lite? Windows Lite is a […]

Cyberthreats and the finance sector

The financial sector has long been heavily targeted by cybercriminals. Over the years, the number of attacks that involved extortion, social engineering, and credential-stealing malware has surged rapidly. This means that financial institutions should strive to familiarize themselves with the threats and the agents behind them. Here are seven new threats and tactics, techniques, and […]

Hyper-V vs vSphere: Which server virtualization software is right for your business?

Virtualization has become one of the biggest IT trends today, and one question that has gained traction is how to ascertain which between Hyper-V and vSphere should be used for certain types of businesses. This is a rather crucial distinction to make, as industry projections predict that 98% of IT expenditure growth by 2020 will be attributed to virtualization.

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