Hackers message to TOMS hijacked mailing list customers, “Log off their devices and enjoy the outdoors”

Today’s customers value cybersecurity as highly as any other component of a company. This incident broadly publicized the company’s shortcomings, inviting media and customer scrutiny and serving as a warning for other companies to protect their IT environment at every level. This time, the breach was merely embarrassing, but the next one could be devastating.

Methodist Hospitals announce breach of 68,000 patients’ private health data two months after attack

Today’s digital landscape is replete with threats, but companies are not defenseless. Phishing scams require employees to actively compromise their credentials, and comprehensive awareness training can equip team members to identify and report fraudulent communications, effectively rendering them useless and creating a safe environment for your customers’ data.

Magnolia Pediatrics pays ransom to decrypt and retrieve their information

Whether companies choose to pay a ransom or restore their IT infrastructure, ransomware attacks are undoubtedly expensive. With additional financial repercussions that can last indefinitely, every company has thousands of reasons to protect their networks from damaging malware. Taking preventative steps before a breach occurs can save time, money, and personnel resources, making defensive maneuvers the cost-effective, advantageous approach to addressing the threat of ransomware.

Zendesk acknowledge breach of 10,000 customers’ personal data three years after event

When it comes to protecting customer data, speed and precision are your best friends. Unfortunately, too many companies don’t have the IT capabilities to identify a data breach or to adequately investigate an event after it happens. As a result, customer data can virtually linger indefinitely before protective action can be taken, such as changing passwords or otherwise ensuring data integrity. This incident serves as an important reminder that every business needs to enlist in services that help proactively monitor and protect customer data.

Hackers gain access to Zynga’s database, exposing 218,000,000 customers’ data

Data security is increasingly top of mind for consumers. For companies operating in a highly competitive marketplace, it can mean the difference between keeping your customers happy while increasing revenue or losing them forever. Therefore, businesses of every size need to meet the moment by understanding their vulnerabilities, embracing best practices for cyber defense, and building a breach response action plan.

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