Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based data backup and recovery plans ensure you’ll be back online quickly after a fire, flood, or hack

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How Fast Could Your Business Be Back Up And Running After A Natural Disaster, Server Crash, Virus Attack Or Other Data-Erasing Catastrophe?

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  • How fast could you realistically be back up and running in the event of any natural or human disaster?
  • What backup, security and business continuity systems do you currently have in place, and are they sufficient?
  • Is all of your critical data being backed up, every day?
  • What are the largest threats to the security and integrity of your critical business data?
  • Do you know what steps and costs would be involved to rebuild your server and recover your data if you had to?

5 Easy Things You Should Do To Protect Your Business Now

Let’s face it: no one likes to think about bad things happening to them, much less plan for them. We want to give you a quick “brush-up” on some simple things you can (and should!) be doing to protect your business.

Review Business Insurance

Make sure you review your policy every year and keep in mind new additions and assets you’ve accumulated during that year.

Consider Cloud Computing

When you opt for cloud technology, your data and assets are stored off-site in a highly secure, high-availability data center.

Protect Your Data

Keep your clients’ sensitive data safe from cyberthreats and hackers to avoid penalties, lawsuits, and loss of credibility.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Think of the disaster that would have a severe impact on your company’s survival and come up with a plan to protect your business.

Review Employee Internet Policy

Install content filtering software to block websites you don’t want employees to visit during work hours.

Doug Saxe

24/7 Monitoring, Maintenance, and Protection

Knowing that our system is being monitored, maintained, and protected 24/7 offers peace of mind. I sleep better at night. Arnet proactively addresses our needs. Other contractors wait until they occur.

Switching to Arnet’s Easynet system gives us 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and protection. We no longer have much of any hardware/IT issues to speak of… they are a one stop shop! The Arnet guys worked directly with our software IT to solve all the complicated software issues. The response from their support line (when needed) is great.

A lot of what you get with Arnet is like insurance… you don’t necessarily see the benefit until you actually need it. But in these days with the increased potential of hacking and all the bad stuff out there with the “dark-web”… having that protection is incredibly important.

Doug Saxe
Pritchett, Dlusky, Saxe & Keller, Ltd.

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