How VoIP is going to change your business

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a technology that makes use of the internet to make voice calls as opposed to regular or analog phone lines. VoIP services convert your voice into a digital signal that can be sent over the internet, and it can be converted back to a regular telephone signal if you are calling a regular phone number. It also allows users to make calls directly to computers or special VoIP phones.

Many VoIP providers offer their services for free to subscribers of the same provider. This is what makes VoIP a cheaper option for making calls, although some providers may offer limited services. However, the main issues with VoIP have to do with the fact that some providers do not offer backup power during power outages, and that not all VoIP services connect directly to emergency services through 911. Despite these constraints, VoIP presents a good opportunity to many businesses seeking to streamline their communications and operations.

Here are some ways VoIP leaves a positive impact on businesses:


VoIP improves upon the traditional landline phone service by utilizing a broadband internet connection instead of plain old telephone service (POTS) or primitive digital phone lines. MSPs and communications providers have come out to provide this service because it is very cheap and easy to maintain, needing little to no exclusive infrastructure.

Further developments have also made real-time and crystal-clear VoIP calls possible, which is why many businesses have begun to adopt it as part of their primary communications platform. That means more and more businesses can take part in the shift toward industry-ideal practices with high-quality voice service at low costs.

Business opportunities

VoIP also allows many MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to offer voice-related services such as call center-style customer services, virtual assistants, unified communications, and even software security services. Some VoIP platforms support multiple phone numbers, encrypted calls, whitelisting and blacklisting, and smart interfaces that put all your telecommunication needs in one application.

At inexpensive rates, your business can have access to over-the-internet voice services that can be augmented with a wide range of add-on services such as call routing, call recording, voicemail transcription, software phone, software initiation protocol (SIP) phone support, toll-free options, speed dialing, SMS messaging, e-911 services, group calls, video conferencing, and voicemail to email services.

Arnet Technologies’ VoIP service is designed to be scalable too, so that it can grow with you as your business grows. Our VoIP systems offer real-time mobile communications, Outlook contact sharing, call handoff from the SIP phone to your mobile device, remote control of the SIP phone, customizable auto-attendants, call activity reporting, and other conferencing options, on top of the common options listed above.

New business strategies

Having a consolidated VoIP-powered communications system can have a significant impact on a business, which then makes it enticing to adopt other MSP services. Every smart business owner knows the importance of efficient spending for their company, whether it be in the form of improved security, expert solutions, etc. With VoIP services, you can cut down your business’ communications expenditure, get more value, and put your resources to better use elsewhere - such as in research and development, operations, or investments.

Working with a digital information platform can also catalyze the incorporation of efficient and powerful cloud-based services. It can also be used to improve protocols and standard operating procedures, as VoIP providers can include recording and monitoring tools in the package. Overall, VoIP services are a great way to boost your business’ ability to reach out to your clients and meet all their needs.

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