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Our support team is an extension of your business, you are not just a client, we are a part of your team. We will always go the extra mile to make sure todays problems do not come back tomorrow.

Your employees should be focused on work, staying productive and using technology as an asset for efficiency. A break/fix solution is not enough, anyone can fix a computer. At Arnet Technologies, our job is to make sure you do not have to call us for problems, we aim to address issues before they are a problem.

Our proactive management strategy enables you to focus on your business, with the peace of mind that the Arnet Support team is working in the background to keep your employees productive with the right tools in place.

Responsive Support

Our support team is dedicated to responding to support requests as soon as possible

On-Call Support

Our team is on call 24x7 in order rectify issues that may happen outside of office hours.

Local Technicians

Our support team is based in Columbus, OH, available for on-site support for hardware issue

Remote Support

90% of support requests can be completed remotely through our best in class technology resources.

Standardized Equipment Training

We standardize our hardware so every technician has the training necessary to fix hardware and software issues quickly and efficiently.

Around the Clock Monitoring

If your network goes down, our service department gets alerted to address the issue before it becomes a problem for your team.

Proactive Management

Our support team proactively manages your network, aiming to catch and correct issues before they happen.

Ticketing Dashboard

View a dashboard of your tickets to track user support requests, open ticket status, managing projects and more


Customized Support Dashboard

Transparency for our clients is important, so you have the option to receive a customized support dashboard for internal tracking of IT support issues and ongoing projects. Some features include:

  • Average response time
  • Tickets per user
  • Tickets opened
  • Ticket summary
  • Project management
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