Speedy Solution: How a Data Center Became Beloved

This is a real-life example of how having the right IT services partner can save you time and money. The example detailed here is a real business, but the name has been changed to protect their proprietary details. See if you can relate to the situation they found themselves in and learn how they fixed their IT problems.

The Information Technology Headache

The company, AXSuppy, has 3 locations, and staff from all 3 locations collaborate on projects together. They also travel extensively to project sites all around the world. Their IT infrastructure was located at all 3 locations including servers, backup devices and PCs, which meant they had to provide upkeep and maintenance for triple the amount of hardware.

Data unique to each location was located at each of these facilities. There was no common repository for this information and the same data could be located at multiple locations, causing frustrations with newer versions of files being unknown to everyone, changes and edits not getting compiled and critical details getting missed.

Additionally, the IT infrastructure at each location was aging. Hardware failures, such as disk drive failures, were becoming common issues. Each location’s staff had to deal with their own downtime, causing 3 times the downtime if they were each down on different occasions. When one location was having problems, the other locations couldn’t get their work completed and vice versa.

Network Security Was Suffering

With each location not being seamlessly tied together, there was 3 times the amount of network security endpoint issues and risks. When every employee started working from home, multiple new endpoints to the problem were compounding the already slow, inefficient and improperly protected components.

Triple the Cost

Imagine having to solve a problem in one location to turn around and have to pay for solving the very same problem in another location. What a headache! Not only is it frustrating for your leadership team, it is very costly both in cash outlay and lost productivity while upsetting your competitive advantage.

The Data Center Solution

Enter Arnet Technologies with a comprehensive, smart solution. The first step was moving all data and applications from each of the 3 locations to one data center. All servers and backup devices were removed from each of the locations during this process, eliminating the problem of aging equipment. This in turn reduced the cost and labor of maintaining IT infrastructure in multiple locations.

Locating all company data in one data center allowed for improved access to all data regardless of where it had been previously located. Utilizing the data center’s increased network bandwidth allowed the staff to access data faster. Applications that previously were installed on desktops and PCs are now running on data center servers, allowing them to be accessed from any PC, laptop or mobile device anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. For those times when there is no connectivity to the internet, data can be synchronized to the local devices.

All data is now backed up at the data center and then replicated to a second data center on a nightly basis, eliminating the need to do individual backups at each location. All data is protected by antivirus software and other cybersecurity tools to reduce the risk of data being stolen or compromised.

Utilizing Arnet Technologies’ data center solution has allowed this client to work more effectively and securely than with its previous approach of local IT resources in each of its locations. Given the current environment, this has also allowed staff to work from home as if they were working from their offices, since they can access all data and applications regardless of where they are currently working from.  

The Moral of This IT Services Story

Arnet Technologies understands why you have scraped by with outdated systems, minimum protections and inefficient operations. You have so much on your plate. Like us, you are juggling current clients’ problems, personal struggles and health and safety issues like never before.

If there was ever a time to fix your IT problems, it is now. Think of how this can free up capital for you to explore new markets to serve or new services to offer, to make your operations more efficient so your staff can take on new projects and to provide the peace of mind that you were able to solve a nagging problem.

Leadership is the definition of knowing how to analyze when a change is needed, implementing that change and providing the path for your team to be even more successful than they believed possible. The IT solutions Arnet Technologies offer to Ohio businesses are designed to solve problems while being affordable and effective. Let’s face it – your IT problems aren’t going to go away without action. Let’s talk about your different options so you can make an informed decision. Reach out to one of our specialists at (888) 487-6057 or download our e-book, Demystifying the Cloud – What it is and why you should care.

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