24/7 Monitoring, Maintenance, and Protection

Knowing that our system is being monitored, maintained, and protected 24/7 offers peace of mind. I sleep better at night. Arnet proactively addresses our needs. Other contractors wait until they occur.

Switching to Arnet’s Easynet system gives us 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and protection. We no longer have much of any hardware/IT issues to speak of… they are a one stop shop! The Arnet guys worked directly with our software IT to solve all the complicated software issues. The response from their support line (when needed) is great.

A lot of what you get with Arnet is like insurance… you don’t necessarily see the benefit until you actually need it. But in these days with the increased potential of hacking and all the bad stuff out there with the “dark-web”… having that protection is incredibly important.

Doug Saxe
Pritchett, Dlusky, Saxe & Keller, Ltd.

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