The benefits of a multi-cloud strategy

The world of modern business is a fast-paced one, and the world’s biggest players often seek out tech trends that are specifically geared around solving hard problems. One such tech trend is the multi-cloud strategy, which involves the deployment of multiple cloud computing services. Multi-cloud deployment has become so increasingly essential to businesses that chief information officers (CIOs) across industries have been reporting an influx of Public + Public and Public + Private cloud deployments with their customers.

The benefits of the multi-cloud aren’t exclusive to large corporations, however, as managed services providers (MSPs) make the multi-cloud information framework accessible and affordable to even small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Here are some key benefits to having a multi-cloud strategy:

Flexibility and agility

The primary benefits of a multi-cloud strategy are business flexibility and agility in the sense that it provides data sovereignty while still allowing SMBs to avoid constrictive vendor lock-ins. Vendor lock-ins are a result of proprietary technologies that are incompatible with the vendor’s competitors, and can limit a business's options.

MSPs always ensure that their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) components are scalable, giving customers more or fewer options as necessary. Since SaaS deployment may be unified as needed, and because it is provided via a subscription-style payment model, SMBs need not be locked into the service when it’s not justifiable from a profitability standpoint. Thanks to the monthly payment model, businesses can simply cancel or pause the service at any time.

The other important facet of a multi-cloud strategy — data sovereignty — stems from modern businesses — including SMBs — having the ability to branch out their services to meet the needs of geographical markets other than their main place of operations. The cloud’s flexibility enables organizations to locate and compute resources as needed by end users to meet optimal performance with minimal latency. Furthermore, it helps ease the difficulties in meeting the requirements of local laws, regulations, and corporate policies.


Multi-cloud frameworks let businesses save their data and other business information across autonomous platforms without fear of security incidents. This is a great way to protect business data because it forms redundancies, meaning should one of the cloud services have any issues, the company isn’t locked out of its own data.

Other excellent uses of this redundancy framework are disaster and backup contingencies, and transparency and accountability. With a secondary cloud-based storage and data management service, you're assured of having multiple up-to-date copies of your data should your headquarters suffer a disaster. Your cloud storage systems can also be set up to ensure that transmitted data has no discrepancies, which can help to ensure that there are no gaps while data is transmitted.

It is also worth noting that MSPs usually offer cloud services with corresponding monitoring and cybersecurity features bundled in — meaning your data will have twice as much cyber-protection on a multi-cloud platform.


As with any product or service, reliability is a strong determinant of use. A reliable cloud services provider should be able to offer an uptime guarantee that will fit your business's needs. As the cloud virtually cannot be brought down, and as long as your business can establish a reliable connection to it, your employees should be able to access all of your data — on demand and up to date, just the way it’s supposed to be.

This is a great way to facilitate remote working, which many companies are discovering to be useful in keeping employees healthy, happy, and productive.

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