Vishing Scams to Avoid


What is Vishing?

By now, you and your employees should be aware of phishing scams and how to avoid them. There are new tricks scammers are trying to use and it is something that can get lost in the day-to-day grind of the work day. Vishing is a phone scam type of phishing attack and can come from spoofed phone numbers or a blocked number and impersonate a legitimate person or organization. Robocalls are also being used to carry out schemes on a much larger scale.

Some questions you might ask yourself about Vishing:

  • What harm can be done from a vishing scam?
  • What do I do if my employee is a victim of vishing?
  • What ways are there to protect my company from vishing?

Always be Prepared

Learning about what to look for, putting in place the right software solutions, creating redundancy in your network and backup data and having a plan for response and recovery is the only way to truly be ready for a cybersecurity incident.

Arnet Technologies managed IT services solution includes proactive and ongoing cybersecurity measures and counter measures by enhancing or deploying new tools and protection layers to stay ahead of cyber criminals.

Learn More has published a great article to learn more about what to look for with Vishing scams.

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