Why you should replace your aging IT infrastructure

It's not uncommon for IT updates and upgrades to necessitate the purchase of new hardware, services, and other equipment. More often than not, this is why many business owners are hesitant to update or replace their existing IT infrastructure.

What many business owners fail to realize is that an outdated IT system can be costlier to run than a modern one. Also, they will likely be in for a surprise once customer support is discontinued, parts become rarer, and repair skills wane.

Here are some compelling reasons to update your aging IT infrastructure.

High cost and obsolescence

Aged IT infrastructure tends to have unsolvable problems, as product support and updates are discontinued and documentation becomes a challenge. There may also be compatibility issues with modern peripherals and best practices are no longer applicable.

In contrast, modern legacy systems are designed to reduce business operational costs by 13%, which make for a 14% potential revenue boost, according to industry experts. It is also worth noting that modernizing your information system also improves its reliability, reducing your risk of having a devastating system breakdown.

Lastly, modern solutions tend to be cheaper. Hiring a managed IT provider means that you no longer need to acquire a lot of expensive hardware for your business. Conversely, expending a similar amount of money on modern IT solutions as you did on your old IT infrastructure (accounting for inflation) will give you more than twice as much processing power. The bottom line is that today’s IT assets are more powerful, simpler, and cheaper to own than ever.

Modern IT solutions are simply better

Modern IT solutions are designed to be intuitive. In the old days, these kinds of systems were designed with only utility in mind; nowadays, usability plays a big role in how IT systems are designed because they contribute greatly to productivity.

Updating your infrastructure also entails updating your expectations. A big reason why large tech manufacturers and developers charge so much for their products is that they expend a lot of resources on research and development to ensure that their products are easy to use and intuitive, aimed at reducing waste and increasing savings. In fact, SMB owners can successfully run a business nowadays without having to purchase and maintain their own physical servers.

Modern IT pays for itself

Modern IT frees up your resources to generate more income for your company. This is particularly true with managed services because a whole package — which includes 24/7 support, advanced security, automatic updates, remote accessibility, disaster readiness, compliance, and even a tried-and-tested name brand software — costs a fraction of what a traditional in-house IT setup would cost.

The best part is that it’s scalable and agile. This means your business won’t be forced to pay for server space beyond what it needs. Modern IT is flexible enough to accommodate your company’s growth, without the need for purchasing and adding more hardware. With all of these out of the picture, you can focus on your revenue-generating operations.

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