Work-From-Home Woes? Here’s How to Solve Them

If your Architect and Engineering team is working remotely, having a co-managed IT system in place with a managed service provider (MSP), will ensure productivity and security. 

Picture this: Everyone is working from home and the single server goes down. You can’t recover remotely the way you can in person, and that creates productivity loss. If you were in the office, you could just pop over to a colleague’s desk and have an impromptu meeting. You can’t do that anymore. Not if you don’t have the right tools and appropriate support. All your files are on your company’s downed server, and you can’t do your job.

Sounds like a nightmare scenario, right? Unfortunately, it could quickly become a reality. An unprecedented number of employees are working from home. What works in terms of IT tools and systems when everyone’s in the office just doesn’t work when dozens of people are trying to access your VPN remotely. And that can cause major headaches – especially if you don’t have a clear plan for how you’ll support employees who are remotely accessing your IT system

Remote Work is Too Complex for One Person to Manage 

How’s your relationship with your IT guy these days? He’s struggling with the demands of the current climate too, and he can come across like a bad date: dodging your calls and ghosting you. Let’s be real here, there’s no way a single IT guy who is learning on the job can keep up with all the changing remote IT needs.

The fact is: Without a plan for your staff working remotely, you risk lowered productivity and increased costs, especially if your server goes down or can’t handle the workload. 

Redundancy with Business Complete is the Solution 

So, what’s the solution to your work-from-home woes? You need a managed and secure solution that bundles hardware, software and support which scales based as your requirement on an ongoing basis. A solution that does not require a huge upfront outlay of cash or investment. You must pursue a solution that offers redundancy without breaking the budget. Rather than relying on one single server that, if it goes out, can take days to recover your information, you need to leverage the power of Arnet Business Complete high availability solution that spreads your data across multiple hosts and servers. 

Our managed IT service features hardware and software all rolled into one, with best-of-breed solutions you’re already using like products from Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Citrix, HP and Lenovo. You can scale rapidly, and the system is flexible enough to expand or contract based on your current needs. And it’s secure, so you don’t have to worry about that data being compromised.

If your hardware breaks down, Arnet’s got you covered so you can continue working uninterrupted. You know your industry. We know IT. We’re here to free up your time to focus on bigger fish. 

Arnet Can Help You Transition Smoothly 

Now is the time to ramp up your productivity, not slowing down because your physical host doesn’t have enough memory or processing power. And you get what you need without a huge upfront investment. We need to keep hold of cash to maintain agility to pivot when needed. 

If you worry about complexity of your IT network as it relates to management, support and security, or just need help with your processes, there are better and more cost-effective solutions available. We can extend your network security tools to cover all devices and connections, regardless of where they’re housed. And with disaster recovery in the cloud and all-inclusive person-to-person unlimited remote support, hasta la vista downtime.

For an Architect and Engineering firm like yours that is ahead of the technology curve, set your company up for success by partnering with an MSP like Arnet Technologies. We specialize in managed IT services for firms like yours. We can streamline your remote-work environment and protect against the increase in cyberattacks due to our current climate.

The times they are a changin’ 

Our country, and the world, will be changed forever once we recover from this virus. Many of the stores and restaurants we’ve relied on will be gone, many businesses will continue to be fully, or partially, remote access driven. While you are planning for the unknown, you could start planning to come out of this even stronger.

Right now, you are probably evaluating your overhead costs, finding ways to cut costs, and figuring out what is absolutely essential for your business operations. Connecting with the right IT partner, that can provide you with a scalable plan, fixed price solution and a clear, secure future is something that we can help with. A strategy is necessary to plan for the unknown. Having the right guide can be your saving grace. 

Reach out to us today to see if your company is at risk and how Arnet can help. 

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