Why it’s costly not to virtualize

You’ve probably heard that virtualization saves money, but how can you take advantage of this? Did you know that choosing not to virtualize can hurt your business? Answer these four questions to discover why virtualization is good for you. 

Studies have shown that over 70% of IT budgets go to “keeping the lights on.

Advantages of call recording

Even the most attentive customer service representative can make mistakes; after all, he or she is only human. If your business uses VoIP as its telephony solution, errors can be lessened through call recording. Find out how this helpful VoIP feature can benefit your organization.

Help yourself: use these Office 365 features

Need help getting some work done? Microsoft constantly releases new Office 365 features that can give you an edge over the pile of work on your computer. With some of the new Office 365 features, you can Skype over a document with your coworkers, plot charts into Excel with ease, and even sign for a document electronically with any device.

City of Greenville Ransomware Attack

This episode is a reminder of the fragility within local infrastructure. Although critical safety operations remain unaffected, city employees are unable to continue business as usual, and new solutions are not immediately apparent. Most importantly, it’s essential to know if data is stolen and to understand what thieves intend to do with that information.

Palmetto Health & Women’s Health USA Phishing Scam

Sensitive patient information was disclosed in this breach, and the companies are offering identity theft protection services or free credit reports to affected patients. By all accounts, these companies worked quickly to secure patient information and to respond appropriately. However, email phishing scams are entirely preventable, and training and education can make all the difference.

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