Take advantage of these 4 cloud services features

Take advantage of these 4 cloud services features

Cloud services are modern solutions for modern business problems, yet not all cloud users understand just how well these can augment business processes.

Cloud services can offer a lot more beyond storage and email solutions; fully integrating your business with the cloud can help streamline your business processes, generate opportunities for promotion and marketing, and provide valuable metrics and transaction data that can help influence your business strategies.

Here are some cloud features that can help you step up your game:


Virtualization is a cloud solution that allows users to connect to and work on business files from anywhere. This is a very good way to maximize your cloud service, especially if you have already migrated your operations data to the cloud.

Arnet Technologies’ virtualization solution automatically comes with a comprehensive cloud storage service that allows users to connect from anywhere and access files from any device. They even have a large software library across all operating systems, so that you can use business software such as Microsoft Office without having to purchase your own licensing.

Data analytics

Nothing beats making business decisions based on empirical evidence, and to do that, you need data on your processes and your transactions. Cloud providers nowadays grow the value of the services by providing metrics and other data from which business owners can derive operational strategy.

Cloud solutions can be used to tap into organizational data and look for patterns and habits, so you can generate forecasts with accuracy. You can even take it a step further and use big data analytics using industry information, so you can identify possible breakout products and services, and stay ahead of the game at all times.

Backup and recovery

For many businesses, their stepping stone to using the cloud is typically the need for flexible, inexpensive, and secure storage solutions. Still, many businesses fail to realize that a cloud storage setup can be used as a redundancy measure.

Arnet’s EasyNET solution lets users enjoy the benefits of a flexible and secure cloud storage that doubles as an email archive and a managed backup service. Their service covers image-based backups for all servers and user data and backups every 15 minutes, which means that your business can be up and running within minutes of a disaster.

Communication and sync

One valuable derivative of cloud services are cloud-based telephony or unified communications (UC). Typically, these make use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hardware and software to integrate voice- and video-based communications into one comprehensive package. Arnet’s telephony solutions take it one step further by integrating UC with other features such as Outlook contact sharing, call handoffs from the IP phone to a mobile device, remote use of the IP phone, customizable auto attendants, conferencing, and more.

Arnet’s telephony solution is powered by Allworx Reach™ and Reach Link™, with scalable services for businesses of all sizes. This service is feature-rich, battle-tested, and cost-effective, and it is an excellent way to maximize their cloud services.

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