Managed IT: Peace of Mind for the Future

Everyone is strategically planning for a different future as stay-at-home orders are being lifted. As an architecture or engineering firm, whether you hit the pause button, continued working remotely or didn’t leave the building, it is hard to adapt with so much widespread uncertainty. What is certain, unfortunately, is the reality that cybercriminals are out there taking advantage of vulnerable small businesses. Recently, a data breach on the Small Business Administration’s servers leaked the personal information of close to 8,000 small business owners. Was your business one of them? Do you know?

Safety is a priority in a turbulent society, and it is important to remember your digital security is just as important as your physical security. When a data breach occurs, how can you be sure your confidential documents aren’t floating out there in cyberspace? Do you have a recovery-backup plan for that situation? With small businesses losing billions to cybercrime each year, what can you do to make sure you’re not next? To ensure you’re protected from cyberthreats and to meet all your other IT objectives, you need a managed IT security services partner who understands the needs of architects and engineers. Look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Architects and Engineers, We Speak Your Language

IT is important to all businesses. Everyone’s going digital, and social distancing is making that happen even faster. But architecture and engineering firms have unique IT needs, and we understand your pain points:

  • Getting workstation performance on-demand
  • Secure networking to make sure NDAs stay nondisclosed
  • Fast, effective data-access solutions for the here and now
  • Efficient collaboration tools and data availability

  • At Arnet, we understand your unique challenges. We offer secure, cost-effective managed IT services that work for architects and engineers.

    No worries about data access with hybrid cloud

    Fast, reliable, secure access to your project files and technical drawings is vital to meeting your deadlines. Other industries have it easier: emails, spreadsheets and basic presentations don’t need the kind of bandwidth that severely stresses IT infrastructure. But CAD drawings and multimedia files require high-speed, secure networks to ensure you consistently meet your clients’ needs. We can help you bridge this gap with an on-prem solution that has a robust cloud feature set. Our hybrid cloud approach means you get the speed and reliability of on-prem hardware, combined with the anywhere/anytime availability of a cloud solution. The best of both worlds.

    Here’s how hybrid cloud works: our engineers optimize your hybrid cloud environment with our managed IT approach to ensure computer security, high performance and data availability. Best-of-breed hardware, software and monitoring ensure you have 24x7x365 secure access to your office PC, all your data and your apps.

    All the power you need to get the job done

    A professionally managed IT system built for architects and engineers, by engineers, is the answer to protecting your important client projects and files. High processing power, available on demand, closes computer security gaps and keeps your clients happy. Bonus! – you’ll stay up and running, even if your single server goes kaput.

    You benefit from our partnerships with Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, HP and others with an industry-leading, bundled subscription that guarantees access to high-performance resources at home, office or on the go. With workstation power at your fingertips, what else do you need to get the job done?

    You got a friend in us - uncompromised IT security

    Friends look out for each other. We’re here to look out for you. We make sure your servers and IT infrastructure are properly managed and secure. With our proactive approach to managed IT security services, you’ve got someone keeping an eye on your network and all devices connected to it all the time. This is critical to ensuring work environments stay secure.

    We’re here for you 24x7x365 with all-inclusive, unlimited person-to-person remote support. If you have an IT issue, we’re going to solve it for you – the first time. Our goal is to reduce your support calls so you can stay productive and utilize our solutions as a strategic asset.

    The Best is What You Need

    Any MSP can deliver IT support and security. Arnet gives you a tailor-made solution specifically for architects and engineers. Reach out to us today to take the first step toward a secure, cost-effective, managed IT that WORKS!

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