Atlanta Hawks Online Store Malware

E-commerce has quickly become the shopping method of choice for many consumers, and securing this process is critical for any company looking to capitalize on this trend. To put it simply, if customers don’t trust that your checkout is secure, they are less likely to make a purchase on your platform. Businesses must vet their third-party payment processing providers and implement additional layers of security through MSPs who can navigate digital marketplaces to understand how compromised payment data is being used by hackers. Employee Phishing Scam

Phishing scams are preventable, and the right training coupled with proactive security software can stop such an attack before it compromises the entire network. This incident serves as reminder that untrained and unfamiliar staff can be a point of vulnerability that hackers tap into, creating significant security risks for any company.

Doctors’ Management Office Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is a serious problem for healthcare companies and those tasked with managing patient data. Having the right backup infrastructure in place is important, and, in this case, allowed the company to avoid paying a ransom to reclaim its data. However, implementing the right security measures for proactive detection is even more critical for preventing attacks from occurring in the first place.

EmCare Email Account Breach

This episode is a reminder that even minor vulnerabilities can have extensive consequences. In this case, accessing just a few email accounts compromised thousands of patient records, creating serious problems for both the victims and the company. Since healthcare organizations are explicitly charged with protecting this information, they need to take every precaution to make sure that their systems are secure. By monitoring where and how hackers use patient and employee information on the Dark Web, providers can offer lasting protection. (Read more about the week in breach)

Verint Victim to Ransomware Attack

This incident is a reminder of the difficulty of managing and maintaining an international IT infrastructure. Fortunately, Verint’s security software immediately detected the breach and made employees aware of best practices for combating a ransomware attack, but a lot more could have been done. Companies should invest in solutions that can proactively and continuously monitor hacker marketplaces for compromised employee or customer data. Especially in the case of companies conducting business in cybersecurity and IT infrastructure, the risk associated with damaged brand quality is too high.

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