Georgia Institute of Technology Security Breach

Failing to understand your organization’s threat landscape can have significant consequences in today’s digital environment. In this case, hackers had access to the university’s database for nearly four months, making it evident that their security standards were not adequate to address relevant threats. Particularly when your university is seen as a premier technological institution, failure in this regard is entirely preventable, embarrassing, and unacceptable.

Perceptics License Plate Readers Hacked

Responding to a breach of this scope is complicated. Managing the PR fallout is a significant responsibility, but an organization’s most important function is to support those whose information is posted on the Dark Web. In the event of a data breach, knowing what happens to your data is critical, and partnering with a qualified MSP can make all the difference.

Shubert Organization Suffers Data Breach

While every company is responsible for putting up strong defenses again cybercriminals, bad actors are highly motivated and continually operate with an advantage. Therefore, it’s crucial for companies to differentiate themselves through their support services to help impacted individuals in the wake of a data disaster.

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