Evite E-Invite Website Admits Data Breach

When organizations are compromised in a data breach, their response becomes a critical metric in restoring their users’ trust. In this case, the company was slow to respond to the breach, delaying their messaging by several months. When exposed information makes its way to the Dark Web, timing is of the essence, and understanding what happens to the information accessed in the data breach can provide employees or customers with confidence in the integrity of their personal information or credentials. Partnering with an MSP can provide the insight necessary to achieve this.

Opko Health Breach Affects 422,600 Customers

Even when data breaches don’t originate on-site, a holistic response plan is critical. Not only do companies need to reevaluate the cybersecurity priorities of their trusted partners, but they must train their employees to avoid such an incident from ever occurring. Working with a qualified MSP that leverages identity monitoring solutions can help mitigate the damage of a data breach.

Lewes Board of Public Works Suffers Data Breach

Customers shouldn’t be expected to navigate a data breach on their own. Despite their public communication, the Lewes Board of Public Works hasn’t offered any services to support customers impacted by the breach. By providing adequate assistance or showing initiative through awareness and training, companies can ensure that their customers can recover from a breach. In a world that is becoming increasingly cyber-vigilant, this can have the dual benefit of restoring brand reputation and trust in the wake of a cybersecurity incident.

Broome County Security Breach Exposes Financial Medical Information

Phishing scams are quickly becoming normative for local governments and SMBs. In this case, a single phishing scam had cascading consequences for a local government, which is now tasked with repairing its technological infrastructure while undergoing the arduous process of restoring the constituents’ confidence in their data stewardship. Since phishing scams are entirely preventable, partnering with a third-party training solution is a veritable must-have in today’s digital environment

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